7 Important Yoga Tips for Success

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New to yoga? Then you need to read these seven important Yoga tips that are key to a successful start. Yoga is proven to relieve stress by using exercises that unify the mind, body, and spirit. Continue reading to start on the road to a more centered life.

Yoga Tips – 1. Research Yoga poses (Asanas). Then talk with your doctor and explain the ones you intend to practice.

For illustration, show your doctor pictures of the poses. Your doctor can help you determine the best poses you selected based on your health history.  Some deciding factors include high blood pressure, glaucoma, a history of retinal detachment, and heart disease. Be certain you understand the Asanas you are allowed to do and make sure you follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Yoga Tips – 2. Find a yoga class that best fits your abilities.

Talk to prospective teachers to determine if you can handle a program before you sign up. Discuss your doctor’s advice with the instructor to determine the best fit possible. Try a few beginner classes before attempting more vigorous classes. Don’t move ahead too quickly, instead allow your body to adjust to your exercises. Remember, it’s very important to take it one step at a time. 

Yoga Tips – 3. If you can’t find a class that meets your needs, find one online and practice at home.

Yoga at Home

There are several great online classes with some offering downloads so you can practice virtually anywhere. Supplement online classes with Yoga books, programs, and audios (meditation is a sister to Yoga) available to help you get started. Search for the best products on the Internet and read reviews. Talk to others for recommendations.

Yoga Tips – 4. Listen to your body and be aware of your physical abilities.

Do not hurt yourself. Make sure the instructor understands your level of experience and any limitations you might have. Follow the directions your doctor gave you regarding the poses you are allowed to do. Don’t allow anyone to push you ahead too quickly or talk you into doing a pose that goes against your doctor’s orders. Remember, this is supposed to be fun and relaxing.

Yoga Tips – 5. Try private lessons. 

You can book some one-on-one sessions with an instructor in your area.

The best yoga teachers offer private classes and can help you design your own program. This is a good way to get started. You can always take group lessons or practice at home after you’ve had private lessons and learned the basics.

Yoga Tips – 6. Find a yoga buddy.

Yoga Buddy

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

It’s nice to practice with someone and it helps reduce injuries. By doing Yoga with a friend, you can encourage each other when the “exercise blahs” set in. This is a great way to keep up your enthusiasm and interest.

Yoga Tips – 7. Eat lightly before practice.

Wait at least two hours after meals before beginning your yoga class.

An empty stomach is best. However, you don’t want to be too hungry. This can interfere with your thinking and it runs the risk of low blood sugar. You won’t be able to focus on the poses, enjoy yourself during the relaxation and meditation exercises, or possibly even finish the class.

Now It’s Time to Grab Your Mat and a Towel and Put These Yoga Tips to Use

You’ve completed the seven important Yoga tips to start you off on the right foot for taking classes. Each Yoga tip provides you with enough knowledge to start taking Yoga classes with confidence. Through the action of doing you gain more confidence and become better at practicing Yoga.

So, now you are comfortable with your choices.

Go enjoy your Yoga classes and get the most out of the exercises.

Yoga Class

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

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NOTE: Please consult with your physician before starting any new exercise routine.

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