Bhakti Yoga – The Science Of Devotion

Honoring Bhakti Yoga
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The Meaning of Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti means devotion to the Almighty. Hence, Bhakti yoga deals with devotion to God and achieving union with Him.

Level of Difficulty

This is the easiest of all yoga types. Bhakti yoga teaches the relationship between the devotee and the divine. It involves no technical and complicated procedures. Therefore, it is easy to master.

Why Bhakti Yoga Is So Appealing

Its appeal lies in giving the feeling of security and developing reliance and dependence on the object of devotion. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. For these reasons, it one of the most appealing of all yoga.

Why Bhakti Yoga?


Bhakti yoga upholds the belief that there is a higher power that has created the universe. All-powerful, granting grace and mercy, and providing protection from all harm and evil. The bhakta ( the devotee) is expected to maintain fitness to receive this divine grace. For this, the bhakta has to practice devotion and virtue.


The ultimate goal is to unite with this divine power and rest eternally in happiness and peace. The devotee surrenders all motives and acts to the Divine Power. All responsibilities towards the good or bad consequences of all actions are renounced. These acts are attributed to the will of the Supreme.


Devotion and faith play a vital role. The bhakta is highly religious, adopts a friendly stance towards all other living beings, including animals, reads religious texts, concentrates on the symbol of the Divine, thinks and wishes well for others.


Following Bhakti develops peace of mind. A peaceful individual is always thinking happy and prosperous thoughts resulting in leading a happy life.

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