Good Yoga Instructor? Confessions Of A Yoga Teacher

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Finding a Good Yoga Instructor

When looking for a good Yoga instructor, ask the following questions. It provides insight to the persons knowledge of yoga. From this you can determine if the teacher is just teaching for money or really knows yoga. Then you can decide if the level the instructor is at in yoga is worth your money.

Remember, the overwhelming evidence about Yoga is it is “the mother of all health maintenance systems”. Mainstream thought is finally catching up. Yoga is making progress Yoga, but it has taken 5,000 years for people to get this far in their thinking about Yoga and health.

Q1: Seriously, how Can yoga help me lose weight?

“Yoga and Weight Loss” studies show that even a little bit of Yoga is much better, than none, for weight control. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. Yoga is a lifestyle change. It includes:
    • a safe diet,
    • exercise,
    • posture adjustment,
    • controlled breathing,
    • and a whole lot more health benefits.
  1. Most Yoga practitioners:
    • consume more water,
    • eat more moderately, and
    • take optimal care of their bodies.

By comparison, many non-practitioners don’t want to leave the couch.

Q2: Aren’t you supposed to jump up and down for at least a half-hour per day to exercise enough to lose weight?


Fitness routines are personal choices. I seriously doubt people who maintain an average to high level of fitness endure pain, suffering, starvation, and “near death experiences” to maintain their physical fitness. And you don’t have to go through it to lose weight either.

Depending on your size, the average person in a moderate Hatha yoga class, is burning, on average, 200 calories per hour. Other yoga classes, like Vinyasa Yoga, burn more calories due to the more flowing and active movements.


Vinyasa Pose 1

This is a higher level Vinyasa, but it illustrates the transition of the Vinyasa well. Do NOT attempt this if you are not at this high

To maintain fitness you must at least minimally like what you are doing. Find that and through remembering that your safety is top the priority, you will be fine.

If you subscribe to the above-mentioned torture treatments, there are more intense Yoga classes where you feel pain, heat, and basic suffering. For those who feel this need, maybe to “pay for sins”, these classes are great. There are many who consider these workouts a type of “penance” for years of consuming excessive amounts of pizza, burgers, and food at buffets. If you are the suffering type, there are varying levels of Yoga classes that provide. A good one to check out is Hot Yoga. And you might even find a good Yoga instructor with empathy. 

Q3: How difficult are your classes…are they for beginners or more advanced students?

Outdoor Yoga Class

You can find a Yoga class for every niche and all levels. When looking in on a class it might look easy but once participating you might find it to be more of a challenge than expected.

The real benefit of steady Yoga practice is training for longevity. Long-term practice yields optimum health benefits in mind, body, and spirit.

Q4: Do you teach a variety of yoga classes? If so, what levels?

This allows you to mix it up so you stave off boredom. And if you like a particular teacher who provides a variety of classes, your comfort level and ability to achieve greater levels is easier. Comfort is one of the keys to doing well at anything. So be comfortable with your yoga teacher and classes. 

You Now Have a Better Compass for Finding a Good Yoga Instructor

These are just a few questions to get you thinking about what you want from both your Yoga teacher and each class.

NOTE: The same goes for online classes you can download and watch from home. I have found these to be helpful.

Come up with additional questions that are personally yours and make certain the answers you are given are what you can work with. Also, evaluate the instructors personality and level of politeness and aggressiveness. These all play a role in how satisfied you will be with the classes.

It is better to look around and evaluate the positives and negatives of the place and people you are going to be surrounding yourself with a few hours every week. Starting with a positive experience with Yoga ensures a higher percentage of success in sticking with Yoga. Do your homework before jumping into it.

The benefits of Yoga practice have always existed, through steady and safe practice. Seek out a safe and compatible teacher. Learn how to progress forward to higher levels through moderation. Never push yourself to the point of strain. Avoid extremes.

One Last Question to Consider…Couldn’t someone just invent a Yoga pill?

Yes…the ultimate dream of “couch potatoes”! And a new pharmaceutical diet pill will always be on the market. But every pharmaceutical  weight loss pill has one or more down sides. Just look at the health problems that resulted from Fen-Phen and Ephedra…heart valve problems and heart attack, seizure, stroke, and sudden death!

This should be enough warning to wake people up. But there are people who insist on taking a pill for anything that is a problem. They are willing to put their life at risk, no matter how many warning labels are printed or how many casualties are reported.

Don’t be one of those people. There is no shortcut. There is no magic pill. You reap what you sow. So go “sow some Yoga” and reap the benefits of a healthy YOU!

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NOTE: Please consult with your physician before starting any new exercise routine.

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