Combining Yoga and Strength Training

Yoga and Strength Training
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What do yoga and strength training have in common? This post explains how the two are complimentary, depending on the body you are building.

Strength Training

Strength training doesn’t belong to only the bodybuilders. Massive muscles and competitions are only one sector of strength training. Another just builds “average” muscles with the goals of lowering total body fat and maintaining overall body fitness. Feel good, look good, especially in a bathing suit, and maintain overall health without building too much muscle and suffering from the strict regime bodybuilders endure.

For the average body builder who seriously competes, it is a way of life and how they make a living. They have a 9 to 5 job (plus) centered around building huge muscle mass and they follow a very strict regimen with lots of protein and little or no fat.

But to maintain a “blue collar” and “white collar” level of strength, it is much simpler with several variations available for developing and maintaining this level of strength.

Consider these options:

  1. Simple free weights are an excellent way to maintain the muscle mass you have and to add muscle strength.

Free Weights

Be careful to not use too much weight at once. Its easy to sprain a muscle and hurt yourself, or simply be in pain the next day due to too much muscle strain.

A good rule of thumb is to begin with about five or even ten pounds lighter than you think you should. After a few repetitions move up to the next weight level.

Learn more about dumbbell weight training.

You can check out strength training equipment reviews online for an idea of what others are doing.


  1. Strength training equipment adds tone and shape to certain areas of the body.

Kettlebells for Strength Training

Examples include:

                  • Kettlebells
                  • Resistance bands
                  • Barbells
                  • TRX Suspension Trainer
                  • Cable machines
                  • Medicine Balls

Yoga and Strength Training?

Up to now its been a brief discussion about Strength Training. But how does this fit in with yoga?

So, if you properly use the strength training techniques discussed above and alternate this training with some yoga and stretching exercises you double your fitness benefits. You enjoy your new found strength, and at the same time you do not gain the physique desired by the body building contestants. This exercise combination has is little risk of bulking you up too much.

If you enjoy the challenge of working out with strength training equipment but don’t want all the bulk of body builders, then add yoga and stretching to your routine. This allows you to have strength plus flexibility. Two very compatible traits providing you holistic fitness.

Tip 1 for Yoga and Strength Training

Gradually increase the weight as you work out over a period of time to feel the “burn” in your muscles. This is normal after an effective workout.

Tip 2 for Yoga and Strength Training

Alternate your routines. Workout with strength training and the next time you workout do yoga and/or stretching. Keep alternating and you will have a body that is both strong and flexible.

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NOTE: Please consult with your physician before starting any new exercise routine.

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