Yoga Positions For Beginners

Warrior Pose - Beginner's Yoga
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Yoga positions for beginners are not complex so they are easy to learn. As a beginner you might not have not experienced a yoga session. You might not have seen one nor know a lot about Yoga. This is not a problem. Beginner classes introduce you to Yoga and make it easy to transition into this new fitness routine.

Purpose of Yoga

Yoga Positions for Beginners unites Body, Mind, and Spirit

Practitioners discuss how Yoga unifies the mind, the body, and the spirit. This is achieved through the practice of Yoga exercises and techniques.

They believe the mind and the body are bonded into a unified structure. Through time, this belief has endured without changing. Yoga performs an amazing procedure of healing through harmony. This is successfully achieved through proper environments.

Medicinal Values

Investigations and research have proven that yoga can be helpful for healing. The techniques of yoga contribute to improving and maintaining healthy internal glands and organs.

Due to the great effects of yoga, some doctors have been convinced that Yoga has some therapeutic results. Therefore, some recommend Yoga for people who have illnesses that are hard to cure.

For example, Yoga positions are extremely effective and useful when it comes to maintaining a high level of joint flexibility.

If you have a lifelong illness, discuss the benefits you might achieve through Yoga with your Doctor. Work out a Yoga exercise plan, concentrating on the positions for beginners. Once you know what exercises to do, research Yoga classes near you or online classes. Ensure they are a good fit with your personalized plan. Check out this post, Good Yoga Instructor? Confessions Of A Yoga Teacher, for some tips on selecting classes to support your Yoga plan.

Getting Started with Yoga Positions for Beginners

As a newcomer to Yoga, you might wonder how Yoga exercises are done? What do they look like? How do they unite the mind, the body, and the spirit? To truly grasp this, you need to engage in Yoga. Make a concerted effort to complete several Yoga classes. By doing Yoga, you learn how the unification happens.

To successfully practice Yoga, you must believe that yoga is effective and beneficial. Yoga is an ancient practice benefitting people since its beginning. These beginning Yoga positions are simple and basic while slowly bringing you to a healthy lifestyle. Once you achieve this higher fitness level, you can continue on to intermediate and advanced Yoga.

Simplicity Combined with Performance

Since these are beginner positions you might think they are boring. Quite the opposite is true. They are very interesting and exciting to perform. This combined with their simplicity allows beginners to easily keep the poses without being bored.

Yoga Positions

Basic yoga postions for beginners include:

  • standing poses,
  • seated poses,
  • forward and backward bends,
  • balance practices and,
  • twisting.

Time to Perform

Executing these positions is shorter for beginners. Beginners, in general, lack the muscle strength necessary to perform extended times in each pose. Usually the beginner needs to rest between poses. This allows natural flow from one pose into another while successfully performing each one. Slow and steady develops the muscles and flexibility needed to perform each pose correctly.


As a beginner, the most important thing you should understand is self-discipline. Yoga is more than just executing poses. It is a combination of performing different poses while developing a self-discipline mindset. The amount of time needed to develop this depends on the individual’s level of determination and belief in the discipline itself.

For each class you must master this duality before advancing to the next levels. If you jump into these complex positions before mastering the simpler ones, you will not feel the essence achieved by successfully performing the prior level.

Think of Yoga as going up a staircase. Each step must be taken and successfully maneuvered before taking the next.

Yoga Studio or Online

Yoga Group Class

You can take classes at a Yoga Studio as part of a group or in a private class. The benefits of these classes is you have a teacher with you who can correct your poses and provide tips. Private lessons go one step further by providing one-on-one coaching for optimal training.

Yoga Postions for Beginners at Home

You can also take online classes. If you are a confident self-starter, you should be able to successfully perform the poses as seen on video. This is a great way to save money and travel time. However, you do not have the personal touch provided in on-site classes. And this might cause development of improper poses.

If you are interested in testing the waters with an online class, check out Project Yoga (you create your own online yoga lessons with great coaching suggestions based on your level) and Yoga Download (for a minimal monthly fee you have unlimited streaming of every class and 2 FREE class downloads each month).

Yoga Positions for Beginners Information

This is a simplified introduction to Yoga. It only provides a basic understanding. You now:

  • have an idea of what Yoga is,
  • know what you can expect,
  • understand how it might benefit you physically and mentally, and
  • know where to find classes to fit the Yoga program you and your Doctor designed.

For more information about Yoga continue reading our posts. A good one to read next is Common Types of Yoga.

If you want more detailed information about Yoga, its benefits, and how it increases your fitness level, check out So Exactly What is Yoga? at Healthy Living Bud-e.

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